About the Barefoot Photographer

I am an Army wife and a mom of two boys, a toddler and a four year old Eskie puppy. Life is crazy and chaotic, but it’s fun! I love literature, writing, anything artsy, which is how I started my own business.

I’ve loved art since I was in Middle School, writing, painting, drawing, dance, photography, I love it all! I started Barefoot Photography last year so that I could share my love for art with everyone else. I find myself incredibly blessed that I’ve been able to turn my favorite hobby into a fulfilling career.

Barefoot Photography’s name stems from my obsession with walking barefoot. It’s something I was constantly teased for growing up and am still teased for today. Summer months growing up on the East Coast, there was nothing better than walking barefoot on the beach! The name is a reflection of myself and also, in a sense, a constant reminiscence.


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