Choosing a Photographer

You just found out you’re pregnant. Your boyfriend is getting ready to propose or already has proposed. Your little one is on its way. Your husband (or wife) is coming home from a deployment. You’re just wanting one good family picture before your kids become teens. You need an adorable baby picture for those birth announcements.

Something amazing has happened or is getting ready to happen to you. You’re coming up on a milestone that you know you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life, and there’s no better way to capture it than with pictures, but how do you decide on a photographer?

Photographers now a days are a dime a dozen. Almost anyone with enough funds to afford a DSLR can start up a photography business, and some are actually quite good, but others tend to fall short. Here are some tips for finding the perfect photographer for your event!

1.) Are they an actual business? Not many people realize that photographers have to pay government taxes as a business, just like any other small business, once their income levels meet a certain requirement (be sure to check with your own state about their business laws). Some states even require a business license for a photographer to be able to open up shop. Knowing whether or not your photographer has gone through these steps says a lot for whether or not they are dedicated enough in their craft to complete the necessary steps to practice it.

2.) What does their portfolio look like? Their portfolio should be located on their website, sometimes on their Facebook. Photographers who are just starting out may not have as many pictures in their portfolios as others, but meanwhile, a photographer who claims to have been in business for four years may have hundreds of low quality photos on their page. Quantity does not always mean quality.

3.) Choose someone who specializes in what you need. You wouldn’t go to an eye doctor for a broken leg, so why would you hire a wedding photographer to do a newborn shoot? Now, I know some wedding photographers that shoot AMAZING newborn pictures as well, but that’s because they’ve stretched their specializations to include that. Ask the photographer what they specialize in and don’t be afraid to ask them for a couple of samples of their work in that field. If you contact a photographer and they don’t feel comfortable doing a session for what you need, they can (and most times will) refer you to someone who does.

4.) Never be afraid to ask for examples of their work. If the photographer does not have a portfolio available for viewing online, contact them and see if they can send you a couple of photos from a shoot they’ve recently done. Most photographers would be happy to oblige.

5.) Consider your own needs. Do you want more of a formal, studio like session? Or are you okay with an outdoor session? Some photographers do both, others only one or the other. Make sure you know going in what it is that they do.

You want someone there to capture those tiny moments, like that first taste of cake at a one year old’s birthday party, or the bigger moments, like finding out if it’s a boy or a girl! Custom portraiture fits any and all of your needs and melds to fit around your life and your schedule, and each session is as unique as your own family. The photographer you choose will help you make these memories lasting ones!


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