Session Information

Your session begins with a meet and greet with myself, where I will get to know you some. This helps me tailor the session to your unique life. All fees are due at the time of this meeting, and we will discuss expectations of the shoot and go over any questions that you may have, right down to what you want to wear!

The shoot itself can last one to two hours. I’ll probably ask you to do some crazy stuff, like hanging off of a tree limb or climbing into a brook, maybe jumping as high as you can or standing completely still. If there’s anything you’ve seen or would like to try, feel free to interrupt at any time during the shoot! Afterall, these are your memories we’re creating!

The process is only halfway done, then. After your session, I go through each picture and pick out the best ones to edit. I edit them based on my own vision from the session, bringing out the colors and highlights that the camera so often leaves behind. After the editing, I’ll call you to set up a time so we can go through the images, either in a proof book or on my computer. During this session, we will go through each photo individually and you can place orders for prints, canvases, mugs, whatever you want to showcase your memories. I normally allow up to two weeks for delivery of prints, sometimes longer for specially made items.

If you have any questions about my process, please don’t hesitate to email me!


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